New Auto-Tune® Subscription Brings Professional Quality Vocal Production Tools to the Masses

Autotune was first introduced in 1997 by Dr Andy Hildebrand. Andy was a Ph.D researcher exploring digital signal processing while studying electrical engineering. He first installed his algorithm for autotune on a custom Mac. After extensive development and testing, he showcased its potential at the NAMM show. This demonstration created clamour across the industry. To say it was an instant hit is an understatement.

The word auto-tune is actually a product name – owned and trademarked by Andy’s company, Antares Audio Technologies. Other companies simply refer to their offerings as autotune. But what actually is it? It’s used to smooth out flat and sharp notes to ensure the singers voice is in the correct pitch. Once you’ve selected the pitch that the vocalist (or yourself) is meant to be singing in, the software will scan the vocal. It picks out notes which don’t fit the scale and moves them back into line at the right pitch. Autotune also makes the transition between multiple vocal takes smoother.

The first thing to consider when using autotune is that you should only use it on the sections of your song that require it. Don’t add the effect to the entirety of your vocal take. This is is because having autotune on the whole track will be detrimental to the sound quality of your recording.

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