Do You REALLY Wanna Be A DJ?

🎧 Becoming a DJ is all about building connections, connections to other DJ’s, the promoters, the crowd and even yourself. Go out and watch other DJ’s work. Most don’t mind and some will even answer questions if they know you’re serious about the lifestyle. Watch how they use the equipment, change the pace and interact with the crowd. Watch their technique, every DJ has different controls and different ways they manipulate them. Study them and go home and practice those techniques. Frequent the clubs that play the music you love first. Mingle with the crowd and get a feel for the atmosphere, pace of the music and songs they like.

🎧 Becoming a DJ is a difficult journey. It will be filled with disappointing rejection and amazing opportunities. I say opportunity because in the end, that’s really all you need. Getting lucky is also part of that. With so many DJ’s competing for just a few gigs, it’s an uphill climb. Embrace that, embrace the challenge. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

🎧 Create a presence on social media and develop a following. Interact with them and let them get to know your personality and style. It’s a great place to start. Share your mixes on Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and even YouTube. Let your friends share and help create a buzz for you. If you work hard and develop your skills, you will allow your talent to really shine. Be genuine. People can usually spot a faker when they see one.

🎧 Being yourself is the easiest way to live, and people gravitate towards the real.

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