A DJ's Guide To Growing Your Tribe


I am going to show you what it takes to stand out amongst a sea of other DJs.

A DJs Guide To Growing Your Tribe is a Digital course designed for Established DJs as well as new DJs.

In this course, I will share with you all the secrets and tips I have learned over the last 30 years as a DJ and the last 5 years studying social media platforms.

This is a digital course for you if you want more people to see what you’re doing, more bookings, more money, more gigs, and the respect of your peers.

You will learn and understand:

👊🏼Content strategy tips and advice

👊🏼Which content to post on each platform.

👊🏼How the Instagram algorithm works

👊🏼Which social media platforms are the best for DJs

👊🏼Time management skills

👊🏼Goal setting tips and advice

👊🏼Music management using Rekordbox smart playlists and iTunes

Plus so much more to help you grow your tribe online and in person.

Buy now from www.paulhutchinsondj.com/shop

Download the online Digital course to your phone or Laptop

BUY NOW £19.99

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