• Have a club? Bring in your audience! Now when you schedule an event, you'll get a link loaded with invites that you can share externally with your friends, coworkers or followers. If they're not yet on Clubhouse, they'll be able to skip the waitlist, attend your event and automatically join your club!

  • View upcoming events on club pages. Now when someone views your club page, they'll see any upcoming events your club is hosting listed right at the top.

  • View combined follower counts on club pages. Previously, club pages only showed member counts, which didn't tell the whole picture if your club has a lot of followers. To help with that we now show a combined reach count at the top, which includes both members and followers.

  • Higher quality audio. Last month we added the ability to adjust the quality of your audio, so that people could hear you in high def. With this release we're upping the default audio quality so everyone sounds better. If you want to crank the quality up even more, just tap the "..." when you're speaking and select Audio Quality → High.

  • 📞 "On a call" indicator. Have you ever been on stage with someone and their audio mysteriously cuts out? This might have been because they received an incoming phone call mid-sentence. Now if that happens, you'll see a small badge on their profile photo, indicating that they are on a call.

  • Language-specific club suggestions. Previously when you browsed the topic directory, the suggestions you saw didn't take language into account, so people around the world were seeing a whole lot of English clubs. Now they are language-specific, so hopefully they will be far more relevant to everyone.

  • Lots of plumbing for improved discovery, search quality, notification quality and abuse prevention. Most of the work we have been doing these past few weeks has been under the hood. We've added a ton of plumbing to help make the follow suggestions, clubs, rooms, search results and notifications you receive better and better over the coming weeks and months. We've also added a lot of tooling to help continuously improve trust & safety.

Finally, we are excited to welcome Drue Kataoka as the latest Clubhouse app icon! Born in Tokyo and raised on the West Coast, Drue is an artist-technologist-activist who uses her platforms to organize events, campaigns, conversations, and representative art that raises awareness of critical contemporary societal issues—from hate and violence toward the Asian American community, to racial justice and women’s rights, to infant mortality and international activism. Since joining Clubhouse last June, Drue has brought her passion for art and activism to Clubhouse—founding The Art Club, spearheading several philanthropic initiatives and leading thoughtful conversations including #24HoursofLove and a #StopAsianHate campaign, which has raised nearly $85,000 for Asian-American Federation.

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